Operational Excellence in the Process Industry

The Key to a Lean & Low-Risk Failure

Code : FM52
Date : 24 – 25 February 2013
Venue : Dubai
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The Course

The process industry is capital-intensive and is characterised by strong and relentless international competition. Certain operations and processes are also high risk. This means that process companies need to be on the topof their game if they wish to survive and grow in these difficult conditions. Building OperationalExcellence into the Process Industry has been designed o explain into a coherent improvement programme for the process industry. The latest tools and techniques are introduced and explained with a minimum ofjargon so that delegates can see how to use them in their situation.

The following aspects are covered in a straight forward way with case study examples being used to illustrate how best to apply them:

  • Safety, risk and continuity of operations
  • People Management
  • Plant Reliability
  • Quality Systems
  • Costing

The Goals

To provide a step-by-step guide to operational excellence – starting with foundations and building up to best practice that will deliver maximum business benefits. By virtue of dynamic participation in this seminar, it is to be expected that delegates will make a substanial, positive impact on the operationl regime within their home organisation.

At the end of this seminar participants will have:

  • A solid understanding of best practice techniques for achieving operational excellence
  • An understanding of a range of technical and human risks and their implications to their operational organisation
  • The ability to design a tailored operational improvement plan for their organisation which tackles the major risk areas
  • A practical approach to developing an action plan to utilise these technologies in their own areas of responsibility, fitting them into the overall operations strategy, and measuring benefits

The Delegates

This course is highly recommended for all Operations, Maintenance, Reliability, Engineering and Technical Support staff to attend this workshop.

The Process

This workshop is designed to be a hands-on, stimulating experience. The program is highly interactive with many discussion and facilitated practice sessions led by speakers who are at the forefront of their field.

The Benefits

Individuals exposed to this training will develop new insights into international best practices. They will learn why the best companies in the world see operations management as the key to delivering the right quality product at the lowest costs.

Technical knowledge and the ability to engage with colleagues are both key to achieving operational excellence. Both of these areas are addressed in this course.

The Results

Organisations that apply effectively operations best practice methodologies are able to better compete on the global stage. The participants of this course and their teams will be better positioned to positively influence the organisation with innovative ideas and techniques that in turn produce a higher performing organisation

On completion of this seminar the delegate will be able to critically analyse the methodologies employed within the organisation and instigate improvements where required.

The Programme Content

Day 1


  • Safety First
  • Behavioural Safety
  • Risk Assessment
  • Permits to Work, Hazard & Operability Studies and other Common Systems
  • Analysing Near Misses, Incidents and Accidents
  • Complete Safety Management System

Continuity of Operations – Plant Reliability

  • Operational Risks
  • Vulnerability & Resilience Assessment
  • Reliability Improvement
  • Plant Asset Care
  • Developing the Right Maintenance Strategy
  • Agile Manufacturing


  • Process Control
  • Six Sigma: Minimising the six losses and seven wastes
  • Continuous Improvement Model
  • Quality Assurance
  • Standarding Operating Procedure
  • Error Proofing Techniques

Day 2


  • Costing Techniques
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Life Cycle approach to equipment selection
  • Asset Management
  • Benchmarking

People Management / Development

  • Leadership
  • Empowerment & Engagement
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Skills & Competency Development
  • Problem Solving

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