Commercial Skills for Finance Professionals


Code : BC02
Date : 3 – 7 March 2013
Venue : Dubai
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The Course

This workshop focuses on the evolving role of the finance department. From tactical to strategic; from narrowly- to broadly-focused; from caretakers of the company’s finances to business partners who are totally integrated in the strategic direction of the business. How does this actually happen?

This is a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary program designed to go beyond the typical single-subject course. You will explore five areas that are critical to your success in tomorrow’s business world.

The program therefore focuses on the key areas and skills required:

  • Who you are & how you act sets the tone
  • People skills can make the difference
  • Risk is real & what to do
  • Why real communications is a critical element of success
  • What makes a business truly great

The Goals

The goal of this course is to help delegates understand how they can connect with internal as well as external partners across the business – and how they can look at issues from their partners’ perspectives, as well as their own.

As a result of attending this Program, participants will:

  • Improve their presentation skills to make it easier to get your message across
  • Strategic vision: using financial structures to identify opportunities, understand risk and add value
  • Learn how & why to use networking inside your company & out.
  • Influencing senior management by improving your interpersonal skills
  • Managing & motivating the finance team better

The Delegates

Everyone involved in the accounting & financial functions wanting to increase their overall influence by expanding their role from analysts to business experts.

  • Finance professionals
  • Treasurers
  • Controllers
  • Accounting professionals

The Process

The course is highly interactive involving the presentation of concepts, discussions, analysis and evaluation of practical case studies as well as the discussion/debate of relevant current issues. It will be conducted along workshop principles to ensure the development of transferable skills as well as knowledge, fully supported with notes in hard copy and on CD.

The Benefits

As a result, attending delegates will:

  • Develop their professional skills
  • Increase their knowledge of the latest commercial skills
  • Become the “go-to” individual
  • Increase their importance to their organization
  • Be better placed to liaise effectively with other departments and colleagues on challenges throughout the organization

The Results

By sending delegates on this course, the Organisation will:

  • Successfully build an integrated financial team that is fully prepared to handle a wider range of challenges
  • Gain new over-all corporate skills in line with the latest international practices which will help the team to make more informed and hence better management decisions
  • Increase knowledge of the latest policies and procedures which can be shared across departments of the company
  • Benefit from the continuous improvement of business processes to international standards
  • Ensure the finance culture of “can do” permeates throughout the entire organization

The Program Content

Day 1

Personality and behavior

Learn & use practical tools that describe how we are ‘put together’. Understanding yourself and others will enable you to have better business interactions

  • Personality traits & what they tell us
  • Personality “colors” & how to change them
  • DISC test: what is it & what it means
    • Dominance (D)
    • Influence (I)
    • Steadiness (S)
    • Conscientious (C)
  • Behavior/Performance matrix: learn what you need to know
  • Leadership performance matrix: calculate the relationship for success

Personality Perception exercise

Interpersonal skills

What are the interpersonal skills & how can you use them to become a more successful finance team. The interpersonal skills required to develop internal and external relationships are important steps to permanent success

  • Essential interpersonal skills
  • Ways to improve your interpersonal skills
  • Self – Management Skills
  • People – Management Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence – what is it
  • Keys to improving your EI quotient

Risk management

Understanding, identifying, defining, measuring & dealing with business risk in terms of business plans and financial performance is a must for the future.

  • What is risk?
  • How to identify risk
  • How to quantify risk
  • What options do we have
    • Eliminate
    • Reduce/mitigate
    • Transfer
    • Accept
  • Building, understanding & using a Risk/Reward matrix

Interactive risk-analysis case study

Day 2

Communications that are effective

Being able to present and communicate financial information in a way that is effective, precise and memorable is a vital skill in today’s world. Breaking down the barriers created by financial terminology will be addressed

  • Nomenclature, Jargon, Taxonomy: the communication that isn’t
  • Verbal communication enhanced
  • Nonverbal communications
  • Presentation skills
  • Presentation tools
  • Great presentation secrets revealed

Prepare & present a mini presentation

Good to great

The finance team can play vital role in delivering the organization’s vision. What are the ingredients of a ‘great’ business including lessons from Jack Welch – resources

  • How do we go from good to great
  • Lead more; manage less
  • Build a winning organization
  • Harness your people
  • Build the market-leading company
  • Points for Management by Leadership

Putting these ideas into practice – a case study

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